1: 1. Open windows for fresh air. 2. Use baking soda on carpets. 3. Try a vinegar spray on furniture.

2: 4. Wash dog bedding regularly. 5. Vacuum floors and furniture. 6. Use an air purifier for continuous freshness.

3: 7. Bathe and groom your dog regularly. 8. Clean dog toys and accessories. 9. Use a pet-safe air freshener.

4: 10. Try essential oils in a diffuser. 11. Wash dog bowls with hot water. 12. Use a pet odor neutralizer spray.

5: 13. Clean dog hair from surfaces. 14. Consider steam cleaning upholstery. 15. Use activated charcoal in rooms.

6: 16. Try enzymatic cleaners on accidents. 17. Clean pet paws after walks. 18. Refresh carpets with a carpet cleaner.

7: 19. Consider professional carpet cleaning. 20. Wash curtains and drapes. 21. Use a scented plug-in air freshener.

8: 22. Spray a fabric refresher on upholstery. 23. Wash pet collars and leashes. 24. Consider replacing old carpet.

9: 25. Consult a professional for severe odors. 26. Use baking soda in litter boxes. 27. Keep windows open for ventilation.

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