1: Gina Torres, known for her role in Suits, is set to star in the spinoff series Pearson.

2: Fans are eagerly anticipating what's next for Jessica Pearson in her new journey.

3: The show delves into the complexities of Chicago politics and law.

4: Gina's powerful performance as Jessica Pearson continues to captivate audiences.

5: Pearson showcases Gina's talent in a new light as she takes on the role of a powerhouse lawyer.

6: The show promises to deliver drama, intrigue, and high-stakes legal cases.

7: With Gina Torres at the helm, Pearson is sure to be a must-watch series.

8: Fans of Suits are excited to see Jessica Pearson in a new setting.

9: Watch Gina Torres shine in Pearson, now available for streaming.

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