1: "Banana Ginger Delight: Soothes upset stomach and aids digestion."

2: "Berry Antioxidant Boost: Promotes gut health and reduces bloating."

3: "Pineapple Mint Refresher: Eases indigestion and supports nutrient absorption."

4: "Kale Green Cleanse: Detoxifies the body and improves digestive functions."

5: "Citrus Cucumber Cooler: Hydrates the body and aids in digestion."

6: "Spinach Avocado Dream: Rich in fiber and aids in smooth digestion."

7: "Coconut Chia Delight: Supports healthy gut bacteria and reduces inflammation."

8: "Mango Papaya Paradise: Enhances digestion and boosts immune system."

9: "Apple Cinnamon Infusion: Regulates bowel movements and improves digestion."

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