1: Introduction Discover the story of the Bicentennial Quarter, now valued over 70 million.

2: History Learn about the origin and significance of the Bicentennial Quarter.

3: Collectors' Favorite Explore why this coin is a must-have for numismatists worldwide.

4: Rarity Uncover the limited availability of the Bicentennial Quarter, driving up its value.

5: Market Value Find out how demand has propelled the Bicentennial Quarter to exceed 70 million.

6: Investment Potential Consider the long-term investment potential of owning a Bicentennial Quarter.

7: Preservation Tips Discover how to properly care for and protect your valuable Bicentennial Quarter.

8: Notable Sales Review some of the highest recorded sales of the Bicentennial Quarter.

9: Conclusion Wrap up the journey of the Bicentennial Quarter's extraordinary value.

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