1: Tony and Ziva, once NCIS agents, now lead a peaceful life at Paramount Studios.

2: Their love story continues to blossom as they navigate Hollywood's glitz and glamour.

3: Tony and Ziva's charming family moments captivate fans worldwide.

4: An exclusive look at Tony and Ziva's upcoming film project at Paramount.

5: Behind-the-scenes insights into Tony and Ziva's on-screen chemistry at Paramount.

6: Tony and Ziva's strong bond remains unbreakable, both on and off the screen.

7: Fans eagerly anticipate Tony and Ziva's future projects at Paramount Studios.

8: Get a glimpse into Tony and Ziva's glamorous lifestyle post-NCIS at Paramount.

9: Stay tuned for more updates on Tony and Ziva's exciting new adventures at Paramount in May 2024.

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