1: Title: Potluck Stars 40 recipes from appetizers to desserts that will make you the potluck MVP.

2: Title: Appetizers Galore Impress with crowd-pleasing appetizers like stuffed mushrooms and spinach artichoke dip.

3: Title: Main Course Marvels From creamy chicken alfredo to hearty lasagna, these main dishes will steal the show.

4: Title: Salad Sensations Fresh and flavorful salads like Greek salad and caesar salad are always a hit.

5: Title: Side Dish Wonders Elevate your potluck game with tasty side dishes like roasted vegetables and cheesy potatoes.

6: Title: Sweet Treats Indulge in dessert delights such as apple pie and chocolate chip cookies.

7: Title: Vegan Options Cater to every guest with vegan dishes like tofu stir fry and avocado cucumber rolls.

8: Title: Gluten-Free Goodies Serve up gluten-free options such as quinoa salad and flourless chocolate cake.

9: Title: Beverage Bonanza Complete your potluck spread with refreshing drinks like sangria and mojitos.

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