1: Explore the best indoor plants thriving in artificial light settings. Discover the top choices for your home.

2: Spider Plant is a low-maintenance favorite with variegated leaves. Perfect for bright, indirect light spots.

3: Peace Lily impresses with elegant white blooms and glossy leaves. Ideal for low-light conditions.

4: Snake Plant boasts unique vertical growth and air-purifying properties. Adaptable to various light levels.

5: Pothos adds a vibrant touch with its cascading vines. Thrives in artificial light environments.

6: ZZ Plant requires minimal upkeep and offers a sculptural presence. Enjoy in low-light areas.

7: Philodendron showcases heart-shaped leaves and easy-going nature. Flourishes in artificial light.

8: Chinese Evergreen features attractive foliage patterns and adapts well to low light settings.

9: Cast Iron Plant is hardy and resilient, thriving in low light conditions. A perfect choice for beginners.

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