1: 1. Seed starter: Start your garden indoors with old egg cartons. 2. Jewelry organizer: Store small items in compartments. 3. Paint palette: Perfect for holding small amounts of paint.

2: 4. Fire starter: Use them as kindling for your next fire. 5. Soundproofing: Cut them up and use as sound dampeners. 6. Drawer dividers: Keep your drawers organized.

3: 7. Party favors: Fill them with treats for guests to take home. 8. Shipping protection: Use as cushioning for fragile items. 9. Craft storage: Keep buttons, beads, and other items organized.

4: 10. Mini greenhouse: Start seeds in a warm, moist environment. 11. Sorting trays: Use them to sort and organize small parts. 12. Desk organizer: Keep pens and office supplies in order.

5: 13. Cord holder: Keep cords untangled and organized. 14. Paint storage: Use compartments for small amounts of paint. 15. Kid's crafts: Use for paint, glue, and other supplies.

6: 16. Drawer inserts: Keep socks or underwear neatly separated. 17. Herb garden: Grow herbs in the compartments. 18. Desk tidy: Keep paper clips and other small items in place.

7: 19. Kids' activities: Use for sorting, counting, and organizing. 20. Photo display: Display small photos in each compartment. 21. Collectible storage: Keep small items organized and safe.

8: 22. Craft caddy: Store glue, scissors, and other supplies. 23. Bead organizer: Keep beads sorted by color and size. 24. Garage storage: Store nails, screws, and other small items.

9: 25. Travel organizer: Use for jewelry, pills, and other small items. 26. Button sorter: Keep buttons sorted by color or size. 27. Pet feeder: Use for portioning out food or treats.

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